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Million Dollar Bacon Jerky

Crazy Horse Jerky

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Forget what you know about bacon jerky!

No longer are you forced to eat bacon jerky with the taste and texture of bacon left out on the counter for a week.



Crazy Horse Jerky hand-crafts naturally-smoked gourmet jerky in small batches. 
Hand made in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, originating from a 19th century family recipe. This family ran business started by making gourmet smoked jerky for family and friends and soon could scarcely produce enough of it to meet the constant demands for more.

100% natural, preservative-free jerky, smoked to perfection in small batches.
  • Extra thick cut and extremely moist and soft. Not like most jerky!
  • Covered in a blend of spices and brown sugar.
  • Smoked in a custom smokehouse using natural maple and fruit woods.
  • No chemicals or liquid smoke.
  • No Preservatives.
  • 3 oz Package
  • This item is in high demand - this is NOT YOUR AVERAGE jerky!


This jerky is sent to you in air-tight vacuum sealed packages to ensure the freshest product at all times, however we recommend refrigeration because this product is preservative free.

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