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Joburg Steakhouse Biltong

Joburg Steakhouse Biltong

Brooklyn Biltong

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Biltong is similar to Beef Jerky but different.
Biltong is an all natural bite of steak in a bag that has a chewier texture and is a great source of clean protein. Easily call on it in the morning with breakfast or at lunch for a power, energy boosting meal. 

Joburg Steakhouse finally adds some Garlic and mixed flavors, presenting a full body taste. A colorful blend representative of the City of Gold. 


Beef and Marinade


Beef gets cut into strips and dipped into marinade. It then gets sprinkled with Garlic, Coriander, black pepper, and Allspice. Strips of beef hang and dry for 3-6 days in our drying box. Strips are taken down and cut into the delicious bites you know and love! 


No msg, no nitrates, no chemical preservatives, no additives or unnatural flavorings, Gluten free.

Also great for numerous dishes like salads, pizzas and sandwiches. Compliment a party platter or take it on the go. Biltong is your new best friend when it comes to cooking. 

  • Grass Fed Beef
  • Each batch is carefully crafted by hand & is cut with the grain, giving you a steak like bite
  • Inspired by oupa Dawie's South African recipe
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • 2 oz Package


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