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Carolina Reaper Moist Beef Jerky

Dave's Meat & Nuts

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Notes from the curator

There's a reason Dave's Meat & Nuts is our top selling Jerky. Grass Fed Beef is marinated and wood smoked to perfection using a very special process that yeilds some of the most tender and flavorful Jerky you will ever have.

Jerky Style


Package Size

3.0 Ounces


 Made in USA

 Handmade in Oregon


Dave's Meat & Nuts Carolina Reaper Moist Beef Jerky

Juicy with big flavor - this is more like steak than Jerky. This will put those other "Tender" Gas-Station Jerkies to shame.

Tasting Notes:

This Jerky is for the 1% of the 1% who are crazy and brave enough for this kind of heat.

carolina reapers are the hottest chili pepper on planet!

Eat at your own risk and wash your hands after eating.

This is EXTREMELY hot. This is no joke.


Dave's Meat & Nuts

East coast kitchens meet West coast ingredients.
Dave spent his life in New York City working with some of the country's best chefs and restaurateurs. Now he's moved to the West Coast to get access to the country's best Meat & Nuts. Dave sources only the best ingredients from the U.S. in order to create clean, natural, and delicious flavors. His goal is simply to provide amazing quality and unique flavors of Beef Jerky & Nuts, and to have some fun doing it.

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