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Small Batch Beef Sticks - Sea Salt & Pepper

People's Choice Beef Jerky

  • $ 800

Notes from the curator

We saw an opportunity to extend our jerky philosophy (simple ingredients, handmade process, dedication to quality jerky) to a new line of meat snacks - Small Batch Beef Sticks! So we recipe tested, and recipe tested some more, until we found new flavors that are truly irresistible while still delivering on our promise of healthy meat snacks.

Jerky Style


Package Size

4.0 Ounces


 Made in California

 Handmade in downtown Los Angeles


Small Batch Jerky Sticks

The Old Fashioned line hasn’t changed much in the past 85 years.  An old family recipe, dating back to the 1920s, has been updated with all natural ingredients and a simplified process to create a product that celebrates the BEEF in beef jerky. It’s what real beef jerky is all about! 

Prime cuts of 100% USA Beef are mixed with a rich medley of natural spice (no sugar added), stuffed into natural casings and then slow cooked for a minimum of six hours.

The nutritional profile of this beef jerky stick fits perfectly into the Keto Diet - High Fat, Moderate Protein, and ZERO Carb.

No MSG or nitrates, no fillers, no binders, and no added preservatives. Because we use celery powder, no need to worry about fake preservatives.

GUILT FREE SNACKING - No Nitrites / Nitrates, No MSG, No Preservatives, No Artificial Ingredients

PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - Exclusively 100% Premium USA Beef, Premium Jerky Made in Small Batches

PALEO-FRIENDLY, KETO-FRIENDLY, ATKINS-FRIENDLY - Sugar Free (0g) & Carb Free (0g), 100% Gluten-Free, LCHF

PERFECT KETO FAT SNACK - High Fat, Moderate Protein, Zero Carb

Tasting Notes:

The simplest things in life are usually the best things. And that couldn't be truer for the Sea Salt & Pepper Beef Stick. The BOLD black pepper spice mix perfectly marries with the natural meat flavor of the 100% USA Beef to give you a delicious snacking experience you'll want to enjoy time and time again.

A great option for the ultimate peppered beef jerky stick.


      Beef, Seasoning (Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Cultured Celery Powder, Spices, Garlic, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid), Water.

      People's Choice Beef Jerky

      Family owned since 1929. 
      The People's Choice Tasting Kitchen is focused on crafting new and interesting flavors with fresh ingredients and simple techniques. Their goal is to deliver a sophisticated snacking experience that celebrates a global culinary perspective while remaining true to their handmade tradition.

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